White House Redux

The White House is a universally recognized symbol of political authority, one of America's greatest tourist attractions, and the ultimate architectural embodiment of power. The original design was a result of a competition held in 1972. It has been added to ever since. The challenge of WHITE HOUSE REDUX, design a White House for today. The White House is size a dream, an image, a brand, an icon, a symbol. It's not a place, a home, an office, a tourist attraction, a place of stately entertainments. It's on T.V., on wheels, in Iraq, in India, and on every mountain- there it is! It's over 200 years of brand will, power, media, and money. Even "if" there is to be a redux- one cannot redux the White House- as one can't redux Coke! But, if you move outside, around, above- you see the White House is a Hollywood set. The new White House is not in the palladian park- it is in the board rooms throughout this great land.